What is the best way to register students?

If they have email, you can invite them by using the Manage Space in the Actions menu. They will receive an email that invites them to participate, they have to click on the link that they receive in the email to be able to confirm their participation. The confirmation appears awkwardly in a yellow box-they then click on the confirm link in this box.

The better way...

here is the email I received from Adam, who runs Wikispaces:

David, of course we'd be happy for you to promote Wikispaces. Anything
we can do to help we'd be happy to do as well.

  • If this is OK, could you also suggest the best methodology for
  • registering students to use a wiki a teacher has created? I am aware of
  • the invite procedure via email-is there a procedure for registering a
  • large group of students quickly?

Yep. In the past we've had teachers email us a list of usernames, email
addresses (if they have them), and passwords, and we create the accounts
on their behalf and join the new members to the appropriate spaces.

For private label customers we're also going to provide a way to
automate that process.