Photostory 3 is a free program from Microsoft that enables any student, teacher, or school to step into digital storytelling. It requires Windows XP as an operating system.

Today's Workshop: 3 Hours
Why digital storytelling? True America
Examples of digital stories created with Photostory 3
Elements of Digital Storytelling
The Process of Digital Storytelling

Demonstrating Microsoft Photostory 3

How to obtain imagery

Creating your first story with Photostory 3
  • Obtain 6-8 images | Create a MasterCard Priceless commercial

  • something 0 dollars
  • something 0 dollars
  • something 0 dollars
  • something priceless

Strengths and Weaknesses of Photostory 3
Additional Storytelling Resources
Additional Flickr Resources
Additional Visual Literacy Resources
Additional digital storytelling resources from Upper Merion Area High School