Here is how to create content in a wiki from Wikispaces

Under Actions, in the left grey column, you can add a new page, see changes that have recently been made to the wiki, and manage the administration of the site, including the look and feel of the wiki, accessing help documents as well as inviting individuals to participate.

Under Navigation, in the left grey column, you can add navigational links to pages you create. To do so, click on the edit navigation link at the bottom of the navigation column. To see more specific instructions on how to do this, click on the Navigation menu link or click here.

To edit a page, click on the Edit This Page button. When you do this, a WYSIWYG (pronounced wizzy wig, what you see is what you get) editor appears. This is similar to what you might use in word processing software. Rolling over the icons with your mouse will display the functions of the particular button or icon. Be sure to Save the changes with the Save button

Page Characteristics (discussion and history): in edition to adding content to a page, users may discuss the content of the page in the discussion board available for that page (click on the discussion tab to access the page's discussion board). A user may also access a page's history, or developmental process, to see the incremental changes made to the page, and how the page has developed over time. Users can compare two versions to see the changes-these are color coded.

Notify Me: this part of the wiki page contains the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, available both in Atom as well as XML varieties. Users can subscribe to this feed to be automatically updated whenever page content is updated. RSS feeds are collected by software called aggregators. Aggregators may be resident on a person's computer or may be available online (Bloglines is an example of an online aggregator). It should be noted that other tools of the Read/Write Web such as blogs, social bookmarking sites (Furl and as well as Flickr all have RSS feed capability.

Notes: the notes feature can be used by any editor of the page to document the types of changes they make to the page. The note will appear in the history of the page. Teachers should encourage students to document their contributions.
Tags: enter single words to describe the content of this page. Tags are a user-defined methodology for categorizing the page for various types of search tools

Text Editor: use the text editor to access advanced editing features of the Wikispace wiki, including the addition of graphics, video, podcasts, and Google Calendars.